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Tutoring for All Ages in All Major Academic SubjectsA teacher instructs a schoolgirl in a high school

• Professional Master’s Degree Tutors
• Short Term or Long Term
• No Long-Term Commitments Required
• Guaranteed Tutor Matching
• Parent Portal

In today’s increasingly competitive school environment, every student deserves an opportunity to reach his or her highest performance level and the inspiration to surpass it. At Crowne Education, we provide both the inspiration and expertise for
your child to earn higher grades and the increased self-esteem and confidence that go along with it.

Crowne’s tutors are established experts in their fields, with both practical and teaching experience. They are highly sensitive to students’ individual learning styles and personalities and are open to input and suggestions from parents, teachers, counselors and anyone else who might be familiar with their unique gifts and needs.

With our Parent Portal website, parents are connected to the learning process in a manner unequaled in the private education sector.  You can stay organized by checking real-time schedules. You can send messages, and receive prompt replies from your tutor. Most important, your tutor will send you detailed notes of each and every session.

Private on-site tutoring is offered every day of the week, including weekends. Please call us at your earliest convenience to reserve the best days and times. We look forward to hearing from you soon to arrange either a short series of sessions for an upcoming assignment or to establish a long-term relationship that will enhance your child’s academic experience for years to come.