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For Private School Admissions

Private school admission has become more competitive than ever. Along with good grades, essays, interviews and recommendations, success on the HSPT, SSAT and ISEE can go a long way toward making your child’s case for admission. In order to succeed on these standardized tests, you’ll need better than a standardized approach.

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: On the HSPT, ISEE and SSAT, students are taught strategies to tackle difficult math, reading and vocabulary questions. They are taught why it is always better to guess than to omit, when and how to use approximation to solve math problems, how to determine the general nature of a word based on various factors and which reading answers are most likely to be correct.

SKILLS: Crowne’s skill-building materials are effective in helping students learn and strengthen basic math, reading and vocabulary skills. And while the immediate goal is to raise test scores, the peripheral benefits to students who go through our HSPT, ISEE and SSAT program are many. Students learn basic etymology, including common prefixes, word roots and suffixes. They will review all relevant math formulas and concepts and will learn effective reading techniques.