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Diagnostic Exams Help you Make Important Decisions

SAT – ACT Diagnostic Test

The SAT-ACT Diagnostic Test will be offered free of charge on selected Saturdays during the school year at Crowne Education.

All colleges in America now accept either ACT or SAT. In fact, some colleges accept ACT results as a replacement for SAT and SAT Subject Tests. Which test a student should take is a critical and individual decision. Not sure which test to take?  Take the SAT/ACT comparison test to find out.

Our diagnostic test contains components of both the SAT and ACT. Within just a few days of taking the test, the Center Director will contact parents to review the results. There is no cost or obligation for either the test or private consultation.



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SAT vs. ACT Diagnostic Test

 Actual Conditions SAT & ACT Diagnostic Tests

After taking an actual conditions tests, students receive a diagnostic report that breaks down test performance into nearly 100 performance categories while simultaneously measuring fatigue factor, point-cost factor, confidence factor, and other measures never before incorporated into a diagnostic report. Tutors and students use this diagnostic test to determine the most productive course of study for maximum test-day performance.