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Private, Semi-Private or Small Groups

Whether it’s once a week or a two-day intensive, Crowne Education is happy to customize a schedule that fits around each individual student’s needs. Our expertise in tutor matching ensures that all students are paired with tutors who suit their unique needs based on personality, learning style, interests, and academic needs.

teacher in classroom with eager studentsAll Major Admissions Tests


  • Professional Master’s Degree Tutors
  • Guaranteed Tutor Matching
  • Parent Portal Website
  • Individualized programs.
  • Item analysis feedback from tests
  • Session notes created after each tutoring session.

SAT or ACT Preparation:
Crowne Education’s SAT & ACT comprehensive programs are demanding programs that deliver results. For every section and question type, students learn strategic approaches to taking the test and developing skills and techniques that use our strategies, curriculum, and diagnostic tests.

Crowne Education’s private tutoring program offers the most personalized method for delivery of our curriculum. Our hand-picked tutors teach a series of effective skills and strategies that boost scores, self-confidence, and self-esteem. These skills and strategies will last your child an academic lifetime.

AN AUTHENTIC PERSONALIZED APPROACH: Many tutoring centers claim to have a personalized approach to test preparation. However, few of these claims have any substance. Far from corner store, cookie-cutter tutoring programs, Crowne’s tutors are taught, encouraged and evaluated on how well they adapt their lessons to meet the individual needs of each student. The result: a completely personalized approach to test taking, where no two students have the same preparation and each student learns exactly what he/she needs to maximize test scores.

When it comes to tutoring, too many parents feel “out of the loop.” Crowne has taken steps to fix this situation and to put parents in the process. Crowne parents can access our Parent Portal to view detailed session notes – for every tutoring session – taken by Crowne’s tutors and to connect directly to their tutors on any issue or topic. Parents can also check upcoming tutoring sessions, past sessions, billing history, assigned homework, results of past homework, scores, important deadlines, offers, special events and much more!