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by Andrea van Niekerk, www.examiner.com
January 14, 2016

Many seniors, having submitted Regular Decision applications, now find themselves thinking about college interviews. It all seems daunting, not least because they are young and unaccustomed to dealing with an adult stranger on their own, in a context where they are so desperately keen to make a good impression.

In deciding how best to prepare, it is useful to consider the person on the other side of the conversation. Doing volunteer interviews for one’s alma mater is not a paid position for which one is intensively trained. Those willing to spend their free time chatting with high school seniors in service of their college, come in all types: young or old, recent graduate or older alum, funny or dour, smart or stolid. And they bring to the meeting their own perspectives, biases, opinions, likes and dislikes. As result, preparing for a college interview is rather like shooting at a moving target.

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